Santa Barbara Private Wine Tours

We Love Our Guests and They Love Us


Private wine tasting tours are a great idea any time of the year, whether the season is in full gloom or the vineyards are just about getting ready. The mention of tasting tours rekindles memories of great experiences among us. If you are looking for a quick dart around Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez here in California, Off the Vine Wine Tours is your ideal partner. Our Santa Barbara wine tasting tour business has been carrying out tasting tours in those regions of California for a long time now and has garnered a formidable reputation among clients. This scenario has come about as a result the off-the-top of the drawer services the company offers. Here, we look at the benefits that come to clients who choose Off the Vine Wine Tours.

Our Private Wine Tours Are Customized

Most private wine tasting tours Santa Barbara are horribly generic. Tour companies will simply cram folks in a bus and have them driven across the country for random peeks at wineries. However, the ideal wine tasting tour should factor in the specific interests of the client. Off the Vine Wine Tours ensures that a level of palate profiling is done for each guest such that the group gets customized services in terms of tour regions and wine types sampled. You are out to sample your best vintage choices, and you should definitely get that.

Solid Relationships

At Off the Vine Wine Tours, everyone is family. Over the years, the company has become a frequent customer to wineries. In that time, solid relationships have been built with proprietors, wine makers and the general staff that runs most of the wineries in the Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez regions. The cordial understanding that exists here is a great basis for customers to get good seating in the tasting rooms & customized services. At other times, clients benefit from simply being able to sit around people who are extremely friendly and have a nice ol’ sip.

Wine Education

Sampling wine is not just about that. It is about learning all the seasons, all the grape types and all the vintage species. Off The Vine Wine Tours knows that some clients are deeply interested in understanding the story of the wine they take. There are always fun lessons about the wine you are going to taste and rundowns of the history of the places toured. Off the Vine Wine Tours does not simply ferry people around and drop them on the curb; we offer an educative, fun-filled foray into the world of wine making and tasting.

Exquisite Planning

A big challenge among those planning Santa Barbara private wine tasting tours is the concept of choice. There are many places to go. Good places that might be missed due to poor planning. However, with Off The Vine Wine Tours every fun place is known and every contingency is mapped out in a bid to give tasters the perfect trip. Logistically speaking, every single day of wine tasting has only six hours and the itinerary has to be on point, a factor that reduces chaos and confusion and ensures that every segment of the trip is carried out at the right time.

Great Value

One of the biggest conundrums faced by private wine tasting tour organizers is the concept of balancing group dynamics and pricing. Two people will pay a lot more than a group of ten will pay per individual. Some agencies will simply split the total cost among the individuals in the car but this presents a problem when you have a crew of two. Off the Vine deals with this problem by offering discounts whenever feasible. At the same time, the company always tries to offer excellent services all the time, which is why huge groups are discouraged.

Attention To Detail

There is so much nitty-gritty involved when it comes to traveling around Santa Barbara looking for wineries. Since you are taking what could be the most memorable day of your wine tasting life. Care is taken that you are not burdened with issues about the weather, the roads or even the places to stop in the middle of the trip for quick snacks or a short period of respite. The company takes care of these details, leaving clients to worry about nothing but getting out of the immaculately maintained vehicle at the various destinations.

Private wine tasting tours in Santa Barbara are the highlight of the year for many people. Off the Vine Wine Tours ensures that your trip is precisely that; the highlight of your year.