Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does “door to door” service mean?

A: We will arrange the pickup and drop off in a SUV in the Santa Barbara/Goleta, Santa Ynez, and surrounding areas. We provide door to door service.

Q: How long is each tour; Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara Funk Zone, and Adventure Tour?

A: Santa Ynez tour lasts usually between 5-6 hours. Pickup at 10-10:30am at your location in Santa Barbara/Goleta area and dropped back off between 3:00-4:30pm. Santa Ynez and the surrounding area pick up at 11-11:30am. Santa Barbara Funk Zone Tour and Adventure Tour lasts between 4 -5 hours. Pickup at 11:00-11:30am in Santa Barbara/Goleta areas only and dropped back off between 3-4:30pm .

Q: Which wineries/breweries do you visit?

A: We work with a majority of the top wineries/breweries in Santa Barbara. Please see list here. We customize each private tour to the wine preference of the group. Note: We can go to wineries not listed on our site but please understand additional tasting fee’s will be charged.

Q: Where is lunch served on each tour?

A: The gourmet, locally sourced, picnic lunch is served in a stunning setting. Please see here for the menu.

Q: When should I order my Lunch?

A: Lunch orders must be received 24 hours prior to tour. If not ordered within the time frame, lunch will be chosen for you.

Q: What if I book a tour within 24 hours, can I still choose my lunch?

A: We will try our hardest to accommodate requests.

Q: What is the difference between a shared tour and a private tour and how many people are included in each?

A: Shared tour is a tour which includes different guests in one vehicle. Minimum of 3 guests per shared tour. Private tours are exclusive to a designated group. Minimum of 2 guests per private tour. Both tours are small with a maximum of 7 guests per vehicle.

Q: When and where can I book?

A: We are taking reservations for now on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday basis only. Please see reservations here to book. Do not wait to book. Book NOW! All tours are subject to availability.

Q: What if there are only 2 guests that have booked for the shared tour?

A: Our shared tour may be cancelled if less than 3 guests have booked for a shared tour on that day. Although, we will try our hardest to accommodate you. We group guests together to reach our 3 person tour minimum.

Q: What if I have a private group that is larger than 7?

A: For private groups larger than 7, please contact us for options and availability.

Q: Can/should I buy wine?

A: It is encouraged to buy wine. Many of the wines sampled are rare, limited, and hard to find in your local grocery store. We always say, “If you like it, buy it!”

Q: What is our cancellation policy?

A: Our Cancellation policy is as follows:

Please CALL 72 hours before the tour to cancel. A full refund will be issued if cancelled 72 hours before the tour. The full amount of the tour will be charged to the guest if cancellations are made after 72 hours. YOU CAN NOT CANCEL TOURS THAT ARE BOOKED BEFORE 71 HOURS. The full amount of the tour will be charged to the guest if cancellations are made after that time.

Q: How do I cancel?

A: Cancellations MUST BE done over the phone. Please call 805-618-1055. (Please do not email for cancellations).

Q: Is the tip included?

A: Please Note: Gratuities are NOT included for parties of 2-4. Tipping is highly recommended for all tours. However, private parties of 5 or more will incur an additional 18% gratuity.

Q: I have more questions…where do I ask them?

A: Contact us here , or call 805-618-1055. We are here to answer any questions you may have!

All tours are subject to availability. We operate on a rain or shine basis!